Whole30 – The Final Countdown

Hey Y’all – believe it or not our January Whole30 journey comes to an end this Tuesday! WOW! Talk about a fantastic month filled with delicious food, amazing support & meeting tons of new friends online who were on a similar journey of their own! 
After finishing my 1st Round of Whole30 at the beginning of 2016 I wrote up a “Whole30 Round Up” for my friends & family about how I felt. I recently re-read the summary & couldn’t believe some of the things I wrote! Most notably that I would NEVER do another FULL Whole30 again; HAHAH – who knew?! This time, and I don’t know why exactly, things just felt different, they were easier & more enjoyable. I had been down the path before. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I was SO much more prepared. I had emergency Whole30 snacks.
I was ready. 
Speaking of being ready; here’s what’s cooking this week on the farm – 
Let’s start with meal prep, here’s what I’m making this morning to make life a bit easier during the work week – 
As promised – each week I’ll feature a quick meal prep recipe. This week I’m sharing my recipe for Whole30 Compliant CREAMY Salad Dressing – hecks yea! 
Here’s What You’ll Need:
2 TBSP Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise
1 TBSP Champagne Vinegar 
1 TSP Mustard*
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Paprika 
Pinch of Herbes de Provence 
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
Fresh Cracked Pepper to Taste 
*I prefer Dijon mustard; if you’re on Whole30 you’ll want to make sure you’re using a compliant Dijon as many of them contain white wine, which is obviously off limits. 
Let’s Get Started:
1. Add the mayonnaise, mustard & seasonings to a bowl & combine. 
2. Add in the vinegar & whisk until smooth. 
Hello HOMEMADE salad dressing in under two minutes!! 
Tune in next week for my take on how to make “perfect” hard boiled eggs that aren’t over (no weirdo green lines) or under cooked! 
Now on to the goodies – check out our menu plan for this week: 
Sunday (Day 28) 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Frittata with Smoked Salmon 
Monday (Day 29) 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding –
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Blackened Salmon with Roasted Root Veggies & Broccoli
Tuesday (Day 30) -AHH!!!!!! WE MADE IT Y’ALL!!!!!
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Brekkie for Dinner 
Wednesday (Day 1 Post Whole 30)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Orzo with Chicken Sausage, Spinach & SunDried Tomatoes – recipe coming soon!
Thursday (Day 2 Post Whole 30)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Baked Tilapia with Roasted Root Veggies & Broccoli
Friday (Day 3 Post Whole 30)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Kung Pao Chicken – recipe coming soon! 
Saturday (Day 4 Post Whole 30)
  • Brekkie: Egg Bake 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Nicollet Inn – I booked The Farmer & I a special weekend getaway to celebrate his birthday (it’s the 5th!) which includes dinner & a night @ this lovely inn – so excited! 
Well, there you have it – the final week of our January Whole30 is officially in the books- I could swear I just wrote that we were finishing our 1st week! Stay tuned for a “Whole30 Round Up” later this week which will include all my favorite items from this round as well as tips & tricks that helped us be successful along the way. Until next time… 


Bon Appetit! 

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