The Whiskey Sour

This next cocktail I acknowledge I disregarded for ages. Not sure the reasoning; too simple perhaps, a bad experience, lack of balance, the evil “sour mix” or perhaps a combination. Who knows…? So, as with the Amaretto I decided it was time to put a bit of R & D into the Whiskey Sour. My … Continue reading The Whiskey Sour

Chia Pudding

Hey Ya'll - I've been getting tons of requests for my Chia Pudding recipe since starting this round of Whole30 so I figured it was about time I wrote up a quick blog post on it! This is, hands down, my go-to brekkie for busy weekday mornings when I need to be able to grab … Continue reading Chia Pudding

Whole30 – Week Two

Hey Y’all - we did it! Congratulations on “surviving” week one of your Whole30 journey!  Here’s what’s cooking this week on the farm, starting with meal prep!  This morning, along with writing this post & sipping on a whole lotta coffee I'm prepping the below items in order to make life a bit easier during … Continue reading Whole30 – Week Two


Hello 2017, lovely to meet you. The past few months have been rather indulgent to say the least. I know it seems rather cliché but I really do find that January is the perfect time for a hard reset, not only with my eating habits but my overall lifestyle as well. The last six weeks … Continue reading Whole30