Farm Eats: February 12th – 18th


Morning Y’all! 
I can’t believe another Meal Prep Sunday is upon us – where did the weekend go? Ah yes, visits with in-laws & spending time with friends. Today we’re relaxing at the home front, sipping on ALL of the coffee (and perhaps some libations this evening by the fire!) and slowly working our way back into that weekday mindset. 
Part of that is prepping around the house; tidying & such – but more than anything, for me it means prepping our meals for the week ahead. 
Here’s what I’m making this morning to make life a bit easier during the work week – 
In addition to sharing our weekly menu, each week I’ll feature a quick meal prep recipe. This week I’m sharing my recipe for Farm Style Ranch Potatoes; these are TO DIE FOR & couldn’t be easier to prep for a weeknight or weekend meal! 
Here’s What You’ll Need:
1 lb Fingerling Potatoes (feel free to sub for your favorite small potatoes)
1/2 TBSP Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix
Fresh Cracked Pepper
Let’s Get Started:
1. Start by cranking up your oven to 400 degrees & letting it preheat while we prep our potatoes.
2. Set out your ingredients & grab a large bowl to make mixing things a bit easier on yourself. While you’re at it grab a sheet pan & some aluminum foil as well.
3. Depending on the size, I will typically halve my potatoes & toss them into the mixing bowl.
4. Next, drizzle over your EVOO, I note 1-2 TBSP but will be honest y’all, I’m not huge on measurements so drizzle until it looks glorious & glossy, but not so that they’re drowning in oil.
5. Next up, add in your Hidden Valley Ranch (OBSESSED) & season with salt/pepper to taste.
6. Mix everything together to combine.
7. Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil & spread out your potatoes in an even layer.
8. By now your oven should be up to temp; toss your pan into your 400 degree oven for about 45-50 minutes or until they have a killer crispy crust & your hubbie is complaining because the house smells like “pizza” and you aren’t having pizza (LOL!) – that’s pretty much how I know they’re done!
9. These are ready to serve & work great as a side for both meat & fish. If you manage to have leftovers they’ll last a few days in the fridge without issues & would be awesome with eggs for brunch as well! 
Tune in next week for my Overnight Oats recipe; my absolute favorite non-whole30 weekday brekkie.
Now on to the goodies – check out our menu plan for this week: 
  • Brekkie: Homemade Crepes
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Dinner: Pizza!! 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Blackened Salmon with Roasted Root Veggies & Broccoli
  • Brekkie: Overnight Oatmeal 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: One Pan Sausage Bake 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Chicken Confetti Pasta – recipe coming soon!
  • Brekkie: Overnight Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Kung Pao Chicken – recipe coming soon! 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: TBD
  • Brekkie: Egg Bake 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Steak & Baked Potato 
Well y’all there you have it – if you have any tips or tricks to share with me that help make your meal prep Sunday successful please comment or reach out – I’d love to connect! OR if you have an idea for that “TBD” Friday meal let me know! Until next time… 


Bon Appetit! 


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